Grains and legumes

* Canary beans
* Eye Bean
* Black beans
* Bean Carioquinha
* Baby lima Bean
* Corn mote
* Corn field
* Corn montana
* Chulpi


* Quinoa
* Amaranth
* Wheat yellow mote

Maz Morado

* Whole
* Micropulverized of purple corn cobs
* Extract purple corn cob
* Purple corn grains

Productos SNACKS

* Chifles
* Salty Beans
* Fried Sweet Potato

Productos Especiales

* Beverages, soft drinks, spirits, beers and nectar brands.
* Confectionery, chocolate and jellies.
* End pastries, panettone and nougat.
* Herbs filter, coffee and cocoa.

Other Products

* Banana leaves

Organic Products

* Purple Corn
* Canary beans
* Fresh apples


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