EurofharmaEufha SAC It is an industrial company in the food industry leader in the marketing and distribution of milk and dairy powder.
Started operations in Peru in 1994, successfully developed in a highly competitive market reaching sustainable development.
We are committed to improving food quality, health and standard of living of the population.Thanks to the quality, innovation and research we have developed new business lines targeted at the food industry and service.

  • Aromas, essences liquid, powder flavors and colors mark EUROAROMAS.
  • Snacks: Beans chips, banana chips and sweet brand PERUANITA.
  • Grains and cereals for export mark PERUANITA.
  • Fresh, frozen and export banana leaves with the brand ® PERUANITA.


  • Packaging powder..
  • Support and consulting to design and development of food products.
  • Specialized Freight.
  • Sawmilling and planing wood drying with proper certification.


  • Beverages, soft drinks, spirits, beers and nectar brands.
  • Confectionery, chocolate and jellies.
  • End pastries, panettone and nougat.
  • Herbs filter, coffee and cocoa.



Eurofharma is a company dedicated to meeting the needs of consumers, with the marketing of high quality dairy products and support the growth and development of people. Our philosophy is to satisfy the customers by providing value added technical advice on the handling of our products.
Achieving a strategic relationship of mutual trust with our customers requiring high quality products at competitive prices, allowing us to grow continuously in time generating an adequate return on investment. Committed to comprehensive staff development and teamwork, high standards vital for the economy of our families and businesses.


Being one of the largest importers and distributors of milk powder, which seeks to improve the quality of life of people through the marketing of our products.
Cover the entire national territory specialized products tailored to the needs of our customers. To provide maximum utility and benefit to our products, maintaining ecological awareness and respect for the environment.